When it comes to typefaces, every graphic designer struggles with choosing the right one for their projects. But if you can’t find the typography you need, how do you complete your vision? For many, the solution is to create a unique set of fonts, something that no one has dreamed up before.

This is what we regularly challenge our students with at Shillington. We set them the task of crafting one or more fonts, taking into account weights, styles, condensations, widths, slants and everything they might need to create a bespoke typeface that fits a specific brief. For a little inspiration, we’ve sifted through a wealth of recent student work to bring you 12 great typefaces created by our graphic design students. See what you think.

12. Martina Schenker

For Martina Schenker’s recent student brief, she decided to craft an identity for Camden, taking big cues from the area’s rich cultural heritage. As part of the branding exercise, she had to create a bespoke typeface that then rolled out to a poster series, app and student flags. Bold, confident and clear, it’s a typeface that certainly gets attention.